Valentine’s Idea: Heart “Attack”

Give a loved one a “Heart Attack” on Valentine’s Day! This is a fun way to involve the kids and teach them about kindness.

What you will need

  • Different colour papers
  • A pair of scissors
  • Colour Pens/Crayons
  • Prestik or Tape



  1. Cut out different size hearts from the colour paper
  2. Write sweet messages about/for your loved one – “You are loved”, “You are kind”, etc.
  3. On two larger hearts you may also wish to write – “You have been given a heart attack!” and “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  4. Grab your Prestik or Tape and head for the door of your loved one.
  5. Put the hearts all over their door, drop some biscuits or a chocolate on the floor in front of the door, ring the bell (or knock) and RUN!

Have fun!

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