Day Five: 30 Day Challenge

It is day five of the 30 Day Challenge – How is your 30 day Challenge going?

My Weight loss: 0.5kg (It sounds better in Pounds)

Here are some Tips to help you on your way:

  1. You need to do exercise at a time you can maintain. Waking up really early when you are not an early morning person or when your morning routine takes over does not work. Planning exercise after work when you know you will not follow through does not work. I exercise in the afternoon, it works for me and I know I am more likely to follow through.
  2. Don’t deprive yourself. If you are adding a healthy diet to your challenge, don’t deprive yourself of all things sweet. Rather learn to “delight” in healthy foods and you will automatically start craving those “bad” foods less. It has been said before, eat a slice of cake not the whole cake. You can also make a sweet-tooth deadline – no unhealthy foods after “such and such a time”.
  3. Schedule some “still time”. Now remember, this is different from “me time”. “Me time” is very important but “still time” is as important. “Me time” can include fun activities whereas “still time” is time where you focus on yourself spiritually & emotionally (whatever your beliefs are). It can include reviewing your goals, writing in your journal or attending a self-improvement workshop (but this is a time to focus inwards not time out with the girls, that is “me time”). It does not have to be a huge space of time but ensure that you schedule it or it will not happen.

Tell me how your 30 day challenge is going! What have you learnt?

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