What I have learnt in 30 days

On the 30th November 2012 I completed my 30 day challenge. From the 1st November 2012, I decided to start 30 days of eating healthily, exercising and having still moments. By day 5, my weight loss was 0.5kg and it was already proving hard to fit in the “me time” and “still time”. The healthy […]

Get your Family out of Debt

It’s easy & difficult to get into debt. Financial services companies suggest you borrow only enough than you can reasonably expect to repay. But sometimes unexpected expenses can make it more difficult to climb out of debt to get you back on track. Some people stay in debt because they’re not sure what to do. […]

Day Five: 30 Day Challenge

It is day five of the 30 Day Challenge – How is your 30 day Challenge going? My Weight loss: 0.5kg (It sounds better in Pounds) Here are some Tips to help you on your way: You need to do exercise at a time you can maintain. Waking up really early when you are not an early morning person or when […]