Upcycling Ideas

We love Upcycling here at Family Treasures. Not only is kind to the earth but it is also kind to your pocket, so you can spend your money on the things you really need or save it for that rainy day.

We have collected a few Upcycling ideas that are easy to do at home.

Painted Jars

I saw this idea at a Women’s Fair recently, such a clever idea and great for creating matching decor.

To make:

  1. Clean and dry your jars
  2. Pour in some paint, close the lid and swirl the paint around
  3. Allow to dry upside down with the lid on
  4. Pour our excess paint
  5. Wipe the rim clean and allow the paint to dry


Cereal Box Notebooks

To make:

  1. Cut the cereal box to create your cover.
  2. Fold it blank side out.
  3. Sew a button to the front and leave a 20″ piece hanging. This will be the thread that you wrap around the notebook to close it.
  4. Glue a blank piece of paper to the inside of the box to cover the images.
  5. Grab your the paper that will go inside and trim it to be smaller than the cover.
  6. Stitch the paper down the spine with needle and thread.
  7. Attach a decorative piece of paper to the outside spine and voila, you’re done!


Vertical Jar Garden

To make:

  1. Mark out spaces for the jars on your board
  2. Affix your pipe clamps to the board using nails
  3. Secure your jars


Broken CD Frame

To make:

  1. Paint old frame in solid colour
  2. Break old CDs
  3. Glue to Repainted Frame

For more ideas go to http://pinterest.com/denisevdm/upcycling

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