While I have created, found, dreamed up some fabulous treats for my family, sometimes…just sometimes…it is nice to purchase something from the store that is safe and that they will enjoy.

Wellness Warehouse has some great treats, if you are in Cape Town. If not, I see that you can also shop online and have it delivered in and around South Africa.

I also contacted Woolworths about their kiddies’ sweets. My specific concern was wheat, soya and egg. Usually, their packaging is quite clear about allergens and I found nothing on the packaging regarding these allergens. However, some of the ingredients on the packaging can be derived from wheat and I wanted to confirm that they were safe.

This was their feedback:

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. Responding to customer needs is Woolworths’ first priority, and we appreciate it when customers take the trouble to let us know their needs or concerns.

You may be assured that your comments have been passed on to our technologist who has informed me that the product lines in our current Woolworths Kids’ Range which contain a Soya-derived ingredient. Soya Lecithin (Emulsifier), include all the chocolate or chocolate-coated products which are listed below:

  • Brites Box, Eggs and Party Pack
  • Jelly Domes
  • Milk Chocolate Buttons
  • Chewy Chocs
  • Choc Lollies

The Soya ingredient is declared on the Packaging Ingredient and Allergen statements.

Wheat-derived ingredients are not used in the kids range of products and therefore, this is not declared on the back-of-pack labelling.

Thank you, Woolworths, for clearing that up. For those of you with children that have soya allergies, a little nugget – MOST chocolate in SA contains soya, sometimes egg and wheat derivatives. In our house, chocolate is called Mommy’s chocolate (well-trained…haha). There are alternatives and kids do not need chocolate. Tell us how you ‘treat’ your Kids with Allergies in the comment box below.

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