Spring/Summer Styles

There are so many trends for Spring and Summer this year that are really beautiful but at the same time practical for moms.

Trend: Wedges

Patterened fabric wedges

Royal blue wedges 

Really great trend for new moms, I loved wedges as they made me feel a little more safe (while carrying baby) while still feeling pretty getting those ‘cute shoes’ comments.

Trend: Dresses (and Maxi Dresses)

Loose fit maxi dress

Maxi floral cotton dress

Pretty, comfortable and one to fit all body types, there is nothing quite like a beautiful dress. Long/Maxi dresses are trending once again.

Trend: 1-Piece Swimsuits

The 1-piece Swimsuit is trending once again. This swimsuit is supposed to be “instantly slimming” – like!

What is your favourite Spring/Summer Style for 2012/2013?

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