Home Made Himalayan Bath Crystals

A great gift for that special occassion or just to say “I am thinking of you”, these bath crystals are the perfect thing to add to your bath while you relax and let the stress of the day disappear…

What you will need:

  • An empty glass bottle/container/jar – recycle, recycle, recycle!
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Essential Oils – Whatever you prefer. Suggestions: Lavendar, Sweet Orange. Rosemary, etc.
  • Food Colouring or alternative colouring
  • Pretty Ribbon and other items to decorate your jar.

To Make:

  1. Clean/Sterilise your glass jar.
    clean recycled glass jar
  2. In a bowl, combine Salt, Food Colouring (not too much –  in fact just a drop or two) and Essential Oil (again, just a drop or two). Mix thoroughly.
  3. Pour into container, add a sprig of lavendar or anything else you like.
  4. Decorate.

Author: Denise

Denise is our Head Family Treasure Hunter. She is a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Web Designer and Business Coach. She loves her family, her faith, her friends, her work and SHOES! Based in Beautiful Cape Town, she loves sharing all the local happenings that are great for families to enjoy. Connect with her on Social Media.

3 Replies to “Home Made Himalayan Bath Crystals”

  1. These are really cute, I’m not entirely sure where to find the Himalyan crystal salt, but I’m sure I can substitute with epsom salt ?

  2. Hi LiznaE. You can purchase Himalayan Crystal Salt at health shops, Dischem, Woolworths and I think I even saw it at Pick ‘n Pay. You could substitute it with Epsom Salt & Course Salt. Himalayan Salt is naturally Pink due to the many minerals and trace elements it contains.

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