30 Day Challenge

As a mom, I know how little “me-time” we really have but I also understand the importance of being healthy and exercising. Recently I published two articles:

Have you read them, have you applied the tips and ideas into your day to day lives? If your answer is something like mine “Sort-of mumble mumble”, don’t feel bad but don’t just give up either. Being Healthy is so important. It is important that you eat healthily, exercise and take time to relax; not only for your physically well-being but also for your mental well-being. You also need to look after your child’s mom/dad. They only have one!

After pregnancy, I lost the weight pretty quickly because of a combination of things but find that I still have baby weight. Not baby weight from being pregnant, baby weight from forgetting to look after my child’s mother, not eating correctly and not making sure that there is enough “me-time”.

SO. Here it is…the 30 Day Challenge. On the 1st November 2012, I am going to start 30 days of eating healthily, exercising and having still moments.

Why the 1st of November?

Well, it gives me time to get motivated, binge on bad things (ignore that) and it is the start of a new month.

Why 30 days?

Well, November has 30 days, it is a nice round number, it is attainable (I can tell myself I can give up in 30 days if I want to), it takes a few weeks to develop a habit (I am hoping to develop the habit) and I want you to join me on my journey.

Tell me what your goal is, what your struggles are and how great you are feeling. I am looking to lose 5kgs (not necessarily in 30 days but eventually), feel healthier and be able to be as active as I want to be.

Get Social

If you are connecting with us on Twitter. Use the hashtag #FT30daychallenge so we can follow your journey and connect with us here: http://www.twitter.com/familyts. You can also connect with us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/familytreasures. Post your before and after pictures (If you are brave enough!).

I look forward to starting a new journey with you.

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