Imhoff Farm (Western Cape)

The dairy and livestock farming of yesteryear is no longer viable on this once remote stretch of land, however. Now on a busy tourist route, the farmstead has evolved into Imhoff Farm, a commercial hub with old-world charm. Present owners (since 1912) the Van der Horst family are committed to maintaining the “country farm” atmosphere, providing an excellent “one stop” venue for visitors to the Cape Point Route.

There are so many things for the “kids” to do at Imhoff Farm:

  • Higgeldy Piggeldy Animal Farm – home to lots of friendly animals
  • Jungle Gym – with nearby seating and tables
  • Enclosed Garden – where kids are safe to explore
  • Snake Park – a great adventure
  • Camel Rides – available as you enter Imhoff Farm

Visit their Website: http://www.imhofffarm.co.za

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