Heritage Day Braai Ideas

Braaiing is something that as South Africans…well, we all do it. It is part of our Heritage. It can be something that unites us as a nation but it is definitely something that brings the family together. What are you doing for Heritage Day? If you are having a braai, we have a few tips and ideas.

  1. Keep your braai grid Clean –  Rub it down with half a raw onion or half a raw lemon when the braai grid gets up to heat.
  2. Braaiing Boerewors – Coil the wors on a flat surface. Take two skewers (metal or wood). Push the two skewers all the way through the boerewors, at a 90-degree angle to each other. The boerewors can now easily be turned with a pair of tongs.
  3. Braaiing Fish – Oil your grid before cooking fish.
  4. Making Kebabs? – Soak wooden kebab sticks in water before using them. This will stop them from burning.
  5. Steak, you say… – Don’t leave your Steak on the Braai too long, take it off after about 7 minutes. Don’t turn it too quickly and too often. The steak should be at room temperature when it goes on the braai and the braai must be hot.

Happy National Braai Day!

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