Getting creative…with cleaning!

Let’s face it, some tasks are boring and repetitive. Cleaning and Organising can be one of those tasks, especially since you have to do it over and over and over again. “Didn’t I just clean this?”. You may know by now, we are a fun-loving family. we like to make things fun (no matter how boring they usually are). If its fun, it does not feel like work!


Put on a good, energetic CD, MP3 player or your iPad music.


Shoes are one of those items you just don’t know what to do with them. If they are out (you trip on them) they get damaged. If they are in boxes, you can’t find your favourite pair when you need them and everything lands up being disorganised once again. I have found these nifty (do people still use that word?) little boxes. They are called VuBoxes. No more lifting lids and upsetting everything, these boxes slide out and because they are clear your favourite shoes are easy to locate. If space is a problem, these boxes will fit nicely at the bottom of a cupboard.


Moving into Summer, your cupboard may still be cluttered with all those winter clothes. If you are short on space, this is even more frustrating. Try these VacBags and pack away all those Winter Clothes. Not only is VacBag an incredible way to store clothes…but the air-tight seal means they are also kept safe from mould, moisture, fishmoths and odours. You will then be able to organise your cupboard and clothes easily, maybe even have a makeover by Liane at the Best You and find the colours and style that suit you. 


Turn laundry into a game of hoops. Hang a basketball hoop over the laundry basket. Your kids (and husband) will be inspired to shoot (and score!)—and keep their bedroom floor clean. Well…relatively clean.


How can folding not be fun with this little gadget?

Organise your cupboards and drawers quickly by folding your shirts, sweaters, pants and even towels perfectly every time.
This handy tool folds items easily to a uniform size, making it possible to neatly organize your drawers and shelves. Folding laundry will take less time and you’ll get perfectly folded laundry every time. Teach everyone in your home how to use it.



There is nothing better than organised drawers. You know the story … the Monday morning rush to find those socks, that belt, the keys. Look at these drawer dividers (also from the VuBox range). Love, love, love!

If you want to go green with this idea, upcycle old containers or reclaimed wood.

Stop mess from gathering

Organise a narrow area such as an entryway by using wall space. Pegboards and wall shelves are great for the entry since you’ll have an easy space to hang up your handbag, keys or jacket as soon as you get in.

Reward Yourself!

Once you have completed all your cleaning/organising tasks, reward yourself. Even if it is something as small as an ice-cream or a new book but remember not to purchase items that will land up as clutter.

Happy Cleaning!

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