Fun Baby Shower gift ideas

With so many of my dear friends pregnant at the moment, I thought I might take some time to share a few fun Baby Shower gift ideas.

  1. Nappy/Diaper cakes. I am sure that you have heard of them and they are really easy and fun to make yourself! Make sure you know which diapers the mom prefers.
  2. Baby Basket. This is especially fun if you know what the sex of the baby is. Pack a basket full of all the fun and useful things that every mom needs. You can choose a theme, eg. pink, the ocean, the farm, flowers, etc.
  3. Disco Ball. Instead of a mobile, you can get a fun disco ball that you can spin in the sunshine filling their room. It makes the room almost magical!
  4. Coupons. Create a coupon/voucher book containing different things that you will do for mom once baby is born, eg a coupon for baby sitting so the mom can have some time out!
  5. Bath Toys. Bath toys are always fun. See if you can find/make the most creative toy.
  6. Personalised Gifts. If you know the baby’s name, personalised gifts are always cherished. Create a picture frame with the baby’s name on it or get some fabric paint and paint the baby’s name on a vest or babygrow!

Do you have any fun ideas? Share them with us!

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