I am currently reading a book by Peter Walsh. You may have heard about him or seen him on Oprah. He really is good at what he does. He is good because he sees past the clutter and disorganisation. He sees the truth behind the mess.

I believe we all have a little “hoarder” inside each of us. For some it might show in cluttered homes, for others it may show in our cluttered lives. Which ever way it reveals itself, we each need to look past the clutter and decide what we really want for our homes and our lives.

Decluttering is definitely and purifying process. It helps you understand what you really need in life. Sometimes, if not most times, decluttering helps us to make our dreams a reality. By dreams, I don’t necessarily mean becoming famous or rich. Rather, living true to ourselves and finding lasting happiness. Sure, retail therapy does give you a temporary high. Decluttering, however, can help us find true happiness.

Sounds a little deep for clearing out the laundry room or throwing out all those plastic items that you never use anyway…but its true. Just try it!

Here are a few tips and ideas that might help you in achieving a happy, peaceful home.

1. Get rid of it!

For a long time, I was not happy with the mismatch of items that we had in our home. I am sure that you can relate to my situation. We had furniture that was borrowed, bought, old and some items that did not match at all. You really don’t want to get rid of anything. What if you might need it?

I decided what I really wanted for my home. Which were the different areas/zones. What items really did not fit. You can sell those items that you feel are of value and buy something that you really want and that you will fit your home. I just “got rid of it”. Less truely is more. Peter Walsh echoes this sentiment.

2. Don’t live your life on “What ifs”

You don’t know what the future holds. You don’t know when you will move to that bigger home. You don’t know if you will ever need those extra plastic chairs. You don’t know if your child’s next project will require the 50 cereal boxes you have kept just in case. You need to live your life in the present. Your clean, neat, peaceful  home will in time “rise up to meet you” (Thanks Oprah).

The Rest…

The rest is up to you. I really recommend that you purchase/borrow/find one of Peter Walsh’s books. He is brilliant. Just…have a place for that book! Don’t let it add to the clutter!

Take baby steps. Clutter is where you least expect it!

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