Winnie the Pooh…

…is back

My dear daughter and I, thanks to Disney and Woolworths, were able to view the Winnie the Pooh “Premier” recently. We do love Pooh Bear but I really wondered what they were going to do differently this time.

There was a cute, short cartoon in the beginning with a great message which was very sweet. The Movie itself was a combination of two storylines, which began with Eeyore losing his tail (yet again) and Christopher Robin deciding that they should hold a competition to find him a new tail. The second storyline is when Pooh bear goes to Christopher Robin’s house and finds a note which he takes to owl and thanks to a misunderstanding the group think that their friend has been kidnapped by a wild and mischievous monster called the Bakson.

The Movie itself carried emotion and personality that everyone can relate too. I really felt that they tried to capture the classic Pooh Bear in this movie while still bringing it to the 20th century. You really do have to take your kids to watch the new Pooh Bear movie. If you watch closely, you too will be amused!

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