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School Sorted!

Lately, I have been amazed by the creativity of so many mothers around me. So many new products and ideas are being launched that will make a huge difference in our lives and they are all by women!

The “School Sorted” planner is one of these new products. This planner could be life changing for your child!

So many learners struggle with the skills they need so much like planning, organisation, time and task management. The “School Sorted” planner actively helps them learn these skills by:

  • Making homework easy to write down and to see
  • Using a format that allows a “big-picture” view of their time and tasks
  • Providing a key and flagging system that makes everything simple to see and remember
  • Explaining the value of these skills, giving instructions and tutoring as to how to apply them as well as places to practice the application thereof – which is how learners learn.
  • Encouraging good habits by providing strategy sheets and tools to use for all tasks and schedules.
  • Having a place to store all the strategy sheets currently being used as well as other documents.
  • Encouraging accountability by providing contact sheets and timetable schedules.

Everything required for learners to be in control of and effectively manage all their tasks and commitments is in one book – easily accessible and always on hand! See for yourself…

Use of the “School Sorted” planner is being supported and its use encouraged by leading educators. The reason is simple! By removing this huge barrier to learning (a lack of these life skills) learners are able to take back control of their tasks and time, and finally achieve to their potential, all the while learning the skills they need to succeed in life beyond the school gates

For more information, go to www.smartskills.co.za or call Jan on 082 933 4632

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