Simply Wholesome Chicken

Let’s face it – chicken isn’t chicken anymore and as parents we only want what is best for our children. That is why I am so excited about Simply Wholesome.

Their chickens are:

  • 100% free range – free from growth hormones, anti-biotic and animal by-products
  • grain fed
  • fresh (never been frozen)
  • delivered directly to you from the farm

Handling is kept to a minimum. Their product range includes braai packs, kebabs, wings, full chickens, drumsticks, thighs, Sticky-Chicken drumsticks and thighs, stir fry packs, eggs and more.

Think about this…

When you purchase chicken from your local grocery store and let’s say you are making a roast or a stir fry. Have you ever noticed how it shrinks to half the “original” size. I won’t go into the reasons why this may happen. I will tell you that it does not happen with Simply Wholesome chicken and it tastes amazing!

If you want to make a difference in the way you and your family eat and if you are in Cape Town visit http://www.simplywholesome.co.za for more information.

P.S. They deliver to your door!

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