I wish I had said something…

Have you ever had the feeling that you wish you had said something when something happened?

Yesterday, at Claremont Engen in Cape Town, two women started fighting. Both had black cars and one wanted to pass the other who was waiting for a petrol station (she really could not move anywhere at the specific time).

The Lady started hooting and then started trying to nudge the car! Crazy! I know!

Then both started swearing and exchanging words.

I felt like jumping out of my car and saying…

“You are both beautiful and, I am sure, intelligent women.
Why, do we as sisters, need to attack each other and use such language that makes us seems less intelligent than we are?
Why do we attack each other and in doing so give men permission to do the same?
Let us rather show our true natures as sisters, mothers and daughters and forgive and show love!”

I regret not saying that but I guess they would have looked at me strangely…or started fighting with me.

I am not sure if they will even think about the incident again. We all have those events we wish we could erase. I just wish I had said something…

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