The Parent Trap

A scientific study first published in the late 1960’s ranked various stressful events in terms of the extent to which a person would need to adjust their established lifestyle in order to adapt to the situation, for example a bereavement or divorce. Having a child was placed in the top ten of the most stressful […]

Eating Healthily while not feeling deprived!

Many people ask me, “How did you lose all your weight after your pregnancy?” My response to this is often a referral to the fact that two months after the birth of my baby I was dreadfully ill and then had to eventually have my gall bladder removed. So, after that I was on a […]

12 Week Injection

The 12 Week injection, as with the 8 week injection, consists of the following: Immunisation against Diphtheria, Tetanus and acellular or whole-cell pertussis (DTP) and Haemophilus influenza type B combined. As well as, Hepatitis B (Hb) and polio. For more information on these diseases, please read our previous article on the 8 Week Injection. At this […]