M.O.M Diary

Have you heard about the new MOM Diary? I just love my MOM Diary (that is, Most Organised Mom Diary). I am sure you will love it too! It is the perfect accessory for a busy mom. That is a bit repetitive – busy = mom.

It is jam-packed with so many amazing features. It is more than a Diary, much more! The Special Features that I love include the Meal Ideas, Yearly Planner, Basic First Aid Info and the various “Kids Areas”. There is also a place to record Gift Ideas, a Budget Area, personal Wish List page, a Goal Setting section and a Daily Gratitude section and and and…

What’s more, MOM Diary will donate R5 from the proceeds of each sale of the MOM Diary ordered via the website to one of 5 organisations (for more information, go to http://momdiary.co.za/about-our-diary/organisations-we-support.

The diary is neat and professional enough to use at the office, so there is no need to purchase a second diary. It comes in pink, purple or black.

If you would like to purchase your own MOM Diary, you can visit their website – http://www.momdiary.co.za

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