A Soccer Party for the whole Family

I recently organised a soccer “party” for all age groups and I thought I had better share the idea with you, in case you are planning your own and are not sure where to start.

You can go crazy with decorations, invites and food but I am going to focus on the activities you will be organising for the day. Divide everyone into two or more teams, depending on how many people you have.

Activity 1: Dribble Race

You will need:

  • two or more orange cones (or you can use chairs or whatever you have available) depending on how many teams you have
  • soccer balls (we used mini soccer balls, these are better if you have a smaller area to work in)
  • a whistle
  • a referee

What you do:

  • Each team member dribbles the ball to and around the cone and then back one by one, tagging each other on the way back.
  • Everyone in the team must have a chance and the first team that completes the task wins!

Activity 2: Diski Dance Competition

You don’t need anything for this one and even grandpa can join in! If you don’t know what the Diski Dance is yet, then you can watch the video below:

Diski Dance

Give two people from each team a chance to show their stuff on the dance floor and have the referee decide the winners.

Activity 3: Soccer Snack Sizzle

You will need:

  • Some food to make your soccer snack. We used bread, crisps, cucumber, spicy chakalaka, cheese and various other items but you can use whatever you think will be fun.
  • 2 team members from each team.
  • a referee

What you do:

  • The first person stands behind the table of  food (the food must be nicely set out in front of them and easily accessible) and puts their hands behind their back.
  • The second person stands behinds the first person and slips their arms between (under) the first person’s arms. They will be the first person’s hands. The first person will not be allowed to use their hands.
  • The second person makes the snack without looking too much.
  • The second person then feeds the first person the snack.

We had great fun with this one! We gave points to the team who finished their snack first, who made the best snack and who finished making their snack first using all the ingredients.

Activity 4: Soccer Trivia

Now that everyone is a bit tired (from laughter), sit down and have a soccer trivia quiz. Get information from the internet or books from your local library.

Remember to have a spare question as a tie-breaker!

Have something fun as the prize or something that can be shared so that no-one feels left out. One idea might be getting the “losers” to clean the dishes afterwards!

Have Fun!

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