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As a family, we have not had the typical family life since the birth of my daughter. I, myself have been in and out of hospital while the rest of my family was left to survive with nothing more than my earnest prayers.

Luckily, my husband has always played a very involved role in my daughter’s life. This meant she managed to remain relatively content even though her mommy had made a disappearing act and she was switched from breast to formula.

Although not all husbands are Superdad, like my hubby, there has definitely been a transformation in the roles and responsibilities of the modern father.

In many societies, the traditional responsibilities and role of the father were that of moral teacher, disciplinarian, male role model and breadwinner.  Fathers exhibited a strong presence in family life, though not necessarily through direct or heavy involvement in childrearing.

There was a time when it was unheard of for a man to change a nappy or bathe his baby, but modern fathers are more involved in parenting than ever before and are now responsible for a third of all the childcare in the home.

Adam Reed, a spokesman for Baby Einstein, said: “The fact that today’s fathers are putting so much more time into being with their children and helping them experience new sights, sounds and textures, is a clear indication of modern parents’ concern with their children’s development and wellbeing.

“The greater presence of dads … is one of the most positive outcomes of the revolution in gender roles we have seen since the 1960s.”

With this in mind, how do we show gratitude to our partners for their dedication to the family? Are we doing enough to show our appreciation for all that they do?

In conclusion, may I share the following:

The story is told of an elementary teacher who had students write essays in hopes that it would motivate the fathers to attend a PTA meeting. The fathers came in $4,000 cars and $400 cars-bank president, labourer, clerk, salesman, meter reader, baker, etc.-”every man with a definite estimate of himself in terms of money, skill, and righteousness or looks. … The children’s essays were read at random.

” ‘I like my daddy, … he built my doll house, took me coasting, taught me to shoot, helps with my schoolwork, takes me to the park, gave me a pig to fatten and sell.’ Scores of the essays could be reduced in essence to: ‘I like my daddy. He plays with me.’

“Not one child mentioned his family house, car, neighbourhood, food, or clothing.

“The fathers went into the meeting from many walks of life; they came out in two classes: companions to their children or strangers to their children.”

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