A Mother’s Reflections

It’s almost Mother’s day – again! Can you believe it. Time goes so quickly when you have little ones, slowly on rainy days, but in general very quickly.

My mother and I don’t necessarily have the “perfect” relationship but I must admit that my respect for her has doubled since I became a mom. You tend to have a lot of “Ohhhh” moments when your understanding is increased and your empathy doubled. It’s funny, sometimes scary, when you notice yourself turning into your mother (scary music – go).

Motherhood is hard work and very often undervalued. It is also the most rewarding. I have never laughed so hard nor cried so hard before I became a mom. What I have realised is that there are definitely some gifts that mothers have or that they receive as they become mothers that help them nurture and love that little bundle into adulthood and when we run short of power and energy – there are those tears shed talking to the Big Man upstairs and He does listen.

I have had many angels sent – not the ones with halos and wings (Ahhaahhh) – but the ones in human form. Those people that come into your life and help you in ways that you could not have expected. I am grateful for them and this Mother’s Day I wish to celebrate them as well.

It is not just one or two people that raise children. It is the family, the friends and the community as well. There are some woman who can’t or have not had children as yet but have mothered many children as they have assisted those around them.

This Mother’s day, may you be pampered and may you feel loved for all that you do. May we realise that we all go through those rainy days but that the sunshine does come and it will come.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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