When you have a baby, your life changes forever. Nothing is ever the same. This is the most important job you will ever get employed to do in your entire life.

There is truth in the well-known saying:

“In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul.”

There are so many things that are required and sometimes demanded from us. One of those things is breastfeeding. We all know and appreciate the value of breastfeeding a baby in its first few years of life. Though not all mothers are able to do this, what facilities are in place for those who are?


When you go out to the shop is it a struggle to find a hygienic place where you can change baby? These are some of the thoughts and questions you may have had, as did I. I decided to do a little research.

This article will take a deeper look into some of the shopping malls/centres in Cape Town and the facilities that they offer to moms.

I asked various shopping malls/centres in Cape Town the following two questions:

  1. Paediatricians cannot stop emphasising the importance of breastfeeding in the first two years of a baby’s life. Do you have designated areas where mothers can breastfeed comfortably?
  2. New mothers have 4 things on their minds – feed/burp/change/sleep. What facilities do you have for moms to change baby’s diapers/nappies and are they hygienic? What other services, if any, do you offer moms?

Canal Walk

Canal Walk has what they call ‘Parent Areas’ (which I think is great as it doesn’t exclude Daddy from doing a little dirty nappy changing!) at entrances 2&3. These areas are comfortable areas where moms can breastfeed, change and burp baby. They are kept spotless and there is a microwave available (you will need to request the key from management)

V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront has designated areas within their toilets where mothers can change baby. You could breastfeed there as well and they are cleaned regularly.

Blue Route Mall

Blue Route Mall has a large separate area connected to the toilet area where moms can breastfeed and change baby. This area has special décor in fun baby colours to keep baby occupied while feeding/changing. It is kept hygienically clean.

N1 City

N1 City has special ‘Mothers Rooms’ which have recently been revamped. They carry a fun farmyard theme throughout the décor. These rooms have a clock, magazines for mom to read and more. They are cleaned throughout the day. N1 City also offers special moms and tots parking near to the entrance. Well Done N1 (Hey! That Rhymed).

Maynard Mall

Maynard Mall has a separate cubicle for changing baby where moms could breastfeed as well. They employ a cleaning company to ensure that this area is kept hygienically clean throughout the day. Maynard Mall, although one of the smaller malls, were eager to find out in what ways they could better serve the ‘mom community’. Thumbs up to Maynard Mall!

Somerset Mall

Somerset Mall has various designated baby changing rooms. There is seating in these areas where moms could sit and breastfeed. They are cleaned throughout the day. Somerset Mall also prides themselves in offering moms other services such as:

  • Moms and tots parking close to the mall entrance
  • Safe Holiday ‘drop-and-go’ play areas where children are watched by qualified caregivers and children must be signed in and out

Somerset Mall are continually striving to improve the services and facilities that they offer the ‘moms community’

So, there are places you can go to without having to worry…

“Where will I feed her?”

“Where will I change him?”

“Is it clean?”

If the mall near you does not offer these services, speak up! I am sure they will be eager to improve the service they offer and if not…

…shop somewhere else!

I will leave you with this thought:

“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”

Elizabeth Stone

A Special Thanks to all the malls/centres that were eager to be of assistance and provide the necessary information.

  1. Canal Walk (http://www.canalwalk.co.za)
  2. V&A Waterfront (http://www.waterfront.co.za)
  3. Blue Route Mall (http://www.blueroute.co.za)
  4. N1 City (http://www.n1citymall.co.za)
  5. Maynard Mall
  6. Somerset Mall (http://www.somersetmall.co.za)

*Some Malls could not be reached for their input

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