Faithful to Nature

Faithful to Nature is an Online Shop founded in 2007 to provide South Africans with the option to buy genuinely organic and green products online.  They carefully check the ingredients of every product before they sell it and disclose full ingredient lists for every product sold. Their green products of a very high quality and their service & delivery fast and hassle free.

We don’t just sell organic products, we sell honesty and transparency and it is our mission to create an online shop that you can trust. You see, we have always been concerned about the lack of transparency in cosmetic labelling and when we came back to South Africa in 2007 we were quite alarmed by how little attention this global trend was getting. Most health shops we went into stocked products that looked natural but when we tried to find ingredient lists, they either were not there or they were filled with potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.

Their Products:

I just love their products. They really try to go the extra mile for their customers! Why not pay them a visit: http://www.faithful-to-nature.co.za or call 021 785 3268

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