Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice!? Yes! You heard right.

When I was in hospital, I was given a recipe for making Jungle Juice to increase my milk supply. This has been of such value to me as I have been in and out of hospital and had to switch between breast and bottle a few times.

What has surprised me is how many people turn to medication to increase their breast milk and have never heard of ‘Jungle Juice’ before. If you experiencing problems with your breast milk supply, you may wish to give this a try. If you are not having problems, this may just help to give your body that extra boost.

The main ingredient of Jungle Juice is the Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir. This, even taken alone, will help you to increase your milk supply (If taken alone, put 1 tablespoon in a glass of water three times daily).

Jungle Juice Recipe


  • 1 litre apple juice, grape juice or berry juice (liquifruit/ceres/joy/wide)
  • 1 litre water
  • 60mls Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir
  • 1 Sachet Blackcurrant Rehydrate or Raspberry Electropac

In an empty 2 litre cool drink bottle, mix the above ingredients together and store in fridge. If possible, drink 2 litres in 24 hours or drink a glass at each breast feed. You may also wish to add 8-10 drops of Rescue Remedy to each glass you drink.

More ideas to help increase your milk supply

  1. Add Fresh Ginger to your diet. Try a slice in tea or grated into food. Stoney’s Ginger beer is ineffective as it contains an artificial ginger flavourant.
  2. Eat some Fresh or Frozen blackberries, raspberries and/or blueberries. Try making a berry smoothie or eating berries with breakfast.
  3. Brewers Yeast tablets!? (Not sure about this one)
  4. Drink some Weleda Galactogue Tea – available at health shops.
  5. Take Fenugreek capsules – 3 capsules 4 times a day.
  6. Have a healthy diet and rest between feeding.

Good Luck!

25 responses to “Jungle Juice”

  1. Adel du Plessis Avatar
    Adel du Plessis

    Hallo, can I start with the jungle juice before the baby is here?



  2. Hi Adel

    You can but I am not sure that it is necessary.
    Is there a particular reason?

  3. Adel du Plessis Avatar
    Adel du Plessis

    Last time I was struggle to breastfeed. My bloodpressure is a bit high so the dr want to do my c-section early.



    1. Hi Adel
      I would say just start when baby is born and while in hospital. Drink a 2L mixture in 24 hours. All the best with your CS and try and take some time to relax before baby comes!

  4. Hi,

    How long after starting to drink jungle juice can you see an increase in milk supply?



    1. Hi Karen
      You should drink about two litres in 24 hours. The increase was pretty immediate for me. I am sure it would vary from mom to mom.
      All the best!

  5. Karen/ Adel have you guys tried and tested the Jungle juice recipe yet?

    Thanks for the recipe Denise

  6. Great Pleasure! I had to share it as it helped me so much, I think it helps to give your body that extra bit of “Oompf” it needs as your body has really been through a lot in the months before!

  7. I live in the United States and I have been looking for the blackthorn berry elixir and the Sachet Blackcurrant Rehydrate or Raspberry Electropac and I have been unable to find it in the US. Where do you suggest I get it from? Also what is the Rescue Remedy?

  8. Hi Jennifer. You may be able to find these items at your local pharmacy or health shop. Looking online, you could find an Advocare distributor for the rehydrate: http://www.advocare.com/products/active/A2412.aspx. For the Elixir, I would try looking online, perhaps Amazon. It is widely available here, in Australia and the UK. Depending where you live you could also try a South African shop. Rescue Remedy is a Natural Remedy for shock or stress usually used in drops http://www.expatshop.co.za/p8MT62/Natura-Rescue-remedy-150-tablets.aspx…Good Luck!

  9. I’ve started on the Jungle Juice today because I’ve been struggling to produce milk for my baby. Do I only need to make the mixture once or will it be necessary to make a follow up mixture after the first bottle is finished?

  10. Hi Khanya. Sorry, I seemed to have missed your comment. I made a few bottles initially and then had some from time to time when I was feeling low on energy, etc. Initially, you may want to give your body a boost by finishing 2 litres in one day. All the best!

  11. I started drinking jungle juice about a month before my first baby was born and continued drinking it in hospital and up to about 4 months. It is amazing how well it produces breast milk. I had no shortage of milk and had a happy, full baby and loads of milk.
    So my suggestion would be to start drinking it before the time, you want the milk to be ready and not only start looking for solutions once your baby has arrived. Unnecessary stress. 🙂
    I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd little girl now and intend to start with the Jungle Juice at 32 or 34 weeks.

    Good luck! 🙂

  12. Hi, what is the reason for adding the rescue remedy drops to the jungle juice? And may I use the rescue tablets instead by crashing them up? As that is what I have at home already, I might as well use them.

  13. Hi Meg. The rescue remedy drops are to help you relax – this is important for milk production…however, I never added any to my Jungle Juice and it worked just as well. It is a personal choice. I am not sure if the tablets would have the same effect as they are supposed to be dissolved under the tongue (at least that is my understanding) but like I said, it may not even be necessary for you. All the best!

  14. Must it be stored in the fridge?

    1. On cold days, if you are drinking it all throughout the day, perhaps not. But, generally, I would say yes considering what it contains.

  15. Preshinie Pillay Avatar
    Preshinie Pillay

    Hi. Do you drink 2l of this everyday??? Or just once in a while and if so. How often???

  16. Nadia Green-Thompson Avatar
    Nadia Green-Thompson

    Hi ladies
    Congratulations on your perseverance with your precious bundles. My little one is now 1 year old and and had a long stint in IcU after born at 27/40. The juice was a great help- I didn’t drink enough of it through so drink up !

  17. Congratulations on your baby’s 1st year; glad baby is well! Thank you for your comment. Mom’s often don’t drink enough, you are so right. ♥

  18. Hi. Will jungle juice help me? I have no breast milk. My baby is 3weeks old

  19. Hi SAI. It is best to start when baby is first born. At this point, it would be best to speak to a clinic, doctor and lactation specialist. All the best x

  20. My baby is 12 weeks will jungle juice help I suspect he not getting enough milk

    1. Hi Seipelo. Thank you for your comment. It may help you if you are feeling flat and your body requires a bit of a boost, but its best to speak to a nursing sister or doctor about it. All the best!

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